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About Nicole Aube

Nicole Aube is a teacher, speaker, photographer, and bestselling author of The Orleans Exodus and the forthcoming young adult novel, SYNC. Married to her best friend and biggest supporter, Logan, for fourteen years, she's also the proud mom of two biological womb gremlins (Trustan and Lillie Alice), three cats (Luci, Maze, and Chloe), and two dogs (Marty and Flora). Driven by a love to travel, Nicole and her family live between New Orleans, Mobile, and Atlanta. Even though she's rarely sitting still, when you can't find her on the road or in her classroom, Nicole is normally on a bench in the French Quarter, a camera in one hand, a pen in the other, and a story in her heart.

Nicole is represented by Aubert, Broadstreet, & Co.

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If Nicole were given a second lease on life, she would most certainly live in New Orleans. By day, she'd make art, sell it from the wrought iron at Jackson Square, and teach herself the accordion, bagpipes, or some other obscure instrument. By night, she'd walk the broken cobblestone streets, hang out with the local ghosts, and tell their tales on an old typewriter. Life, however, had a different plan, so Nicole writes about her beloved New Orleans in her bestselling young adult series, The Orleans Exodus. Though that series has now been retired, New Orleans is being reborn her in her new book, SYNC, coming soon from Aubert, Broadstreet, & Co. Her take of New Orleans is darker, deeper, and more dramatic than the city prides itself on even being now (and she knows that's hard to do), and in her city--Orleans--dreams do come true if you're only willing to pay the right price. Be sure to check out the Behind the Scenes action to see Nicole's older covers and other fan goodies.

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SYNC: Book One of the Orleans Odyssey

In Orleans, all that glitters is gold.

From the ruins of a city once known as New Orleans rise two societies: the Fleur d'Or, a prosperous society of rich land and pristine opportunity, and the Quarter de la Mort, a dark, flooded remnant of the city’s great past. The Fleur keeps the Quarter people in subjugation by forcing their children to endure SYNC, a program which guarantees their acceptance onto the Fleur's golden streets but, in the process, may steal their soul.

When all she longs for is escape from the Quarter, sixteen-year-old Desmarais Laveaux finds the idea of SYNC a means to a blessed end. Yet, as it comes time to surrender her mind and body to the process, she makes a deal with an unlikely ally to reveal SYNC’s true intentions for what remains of New Orleans. In so doing, Des learns the future of those she loves lies in the hands of those who can no longer be trusted. Her own fate lies in finally following her heart. The choice is simple: Des will either SYNC or swim.

SAVE: Book Two of the Orleans Odyssey

Fire quenches the thirst.


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For years, Nicole owned a successful photography company in South Mississippi, but when her writing picked up, she was convinced she had to pick one passion over another. It didn't take her long to realize just how wrong she was. Now, she's back at it, shooting inspired art photography. Prints are currently available via request until her full shop launches this fall. Until then, enjoy!

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